Sell to Us

We only trade for books on Sunday’s from 1PM to 5PM
Limit yourself to five boxes at maximum.
You’ll receive a greater value for your merchandise in store credit than in cash.
Don’t visit if it’s raining, we do not trade for wet books.
You are welcome to call the store to confirm our buying procedures. 443-410-0472

We are currently not trading for:
National Geographic Magazines
Magazines in general
Readers Digest Condensed books
Text Books
Scratched Record Albums or CD’s
Overly Loved –
Damaged Books or books with an aroma

What are we are paying a premium for includes:
Science Fiction / Horror
Rock & Roll LPs & CDs
Urban Fiction
Young Adult
Clean Children’s Books
Puzzles in original Shrink Wrap
And a host of other genres

Books left overnight are donated the next day to a charity.
We are not responsible for books left overnight.